ATEX-certified Datalogger for Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)

VERIBOX-MINI is a compact, battery-operated datalogger that is certified for use in hazardous areas (ATEX ExZone1).Designed for meter reading at large industrial sites, major measuring points, or remote locations.

The VERIBOX-MINI can read meters, analog devices, and volume correctors (EVCs) and log and trsnamit the data within predefined time intervals. Data is sent to the IT center via mobile technology (2G-GPRS, 3G-UMTS, 4G-LTE) at set times, guaranteeing current and accurate information.

different interfaces

Adaptable Interfaces for a large number of external Measuring Devices

Our device offers flexible connectivity options for various external measuring devices. It includes:


4 Digital Inputs/Channels

A pulse input, often also called Reed contact or S0, detects discrete pulse signals. Reed contacts are magnetic sensors with two ferromagnetic reeds. When near a magnetic field, the contacts close, completing a circuit. In metering, each pulse represents a specific quantity, enabling  consumption monitoring.


3 Analog Inputs/Channels

The Analog Input interface enables the VERIBOX to measure and monitor analog signals from external devices. It accepts a range of voltage or current signals, making it suitable for connecting various analog sensors and meters. (e.g. pressure sensor)


2 Digital Outputs

The pulse output interface, or digital output, allows the NB IoT Box to generate digital pulse signals to control or trigger external devices. It is often used for pulse doubling or triggering alarms.


Serial Interface (RS232/RS485/TTL)

The RS232/RS485 and TTL 3V (MCU) interface allows serial communication between VERIBOX and compatible devices. It enables bidirectional data transmission over long distances, making it suitable for connecting devices that utilize these serial protocols.


Absolute Encoder SCR/SCR+/Namur

The Encoder SCR/Namur interface offers compatibility with devices using (Smart Communication Redundancy) or Namur communication protocols. It allows the VERIBOX to communicate with devices such as absolute encoder meters.


Gray Code Encoder

A Gray code encoder /Gray Code Coder on an energy meter is a circuit that converts the output of a rotary sensor, such as a mechanical or optical encoder, into a binary Gray code representation. It provides a unique binary code for each position of the sensor, minimizing errors during transitions between adjacent positions.

These interfaces allow you to seamlessly connect a variety of measuring devices with VERIBOX-MINI.

Unlock Seamless Integration

The interfaces of VERIBOX enable seamless communication between IT systems and a wide range of EVCs (Electronic Volume Correctors).

These interfaces improve data transfer capabilities and enable efficient and accurate information flow between your systems and various EVCs, ensuring smooth and reliable operation for your energy management requirements. Below are some types of volume converters that VERIBOX can read serially (RS232/RS485/TTL):

Machine TO Machine Communication

VERIBOX-MINI Supports Various Wireless Communication Methods For Continuous Connectivity

VERIBOX offers various wireless communication options and guarantees seamless connectivity for your devices. Whether you prefer FTP/FTPS, HTTP/HTTPS, or MQTT protocols, our devices support various methods.



VERIBOX allows you to use the File Transfer Protocol (FTP). FTP provides a reliable and widely supported method for sharing data.


Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is extensively used for web communication. VERIBOX facilitates seamless integration with HTTP-based services, enabling your devices to send and receive data using standard web protocols.



VERIBOX fully supports the lightweight and efficient Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) protocol. MQTT is designed for efficient communication in resource-limited environments and is widely used in IoT applications.

With VERIBOX, your devices can publish and subscribe to MQTT topics, enabling data exchange and efficient message transmission.

By supporting multiple communication methods, VERIBOX ensures that your devices maintain effective communication in any environment.


Discover the Advantage of VERIBOX-MINI Energy Management

We offer advanced energy management solutions to optimize energy and efficiency. Our versatile VERIBOX systems are specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of various industries, guaranteeing reliable and safe operation.

Supported Power Supply Options:


Battery Operated (ATEX ExZone 1 certified)

 Our battery-operated VERIBOX systems are designed to provide exceptional performance and durability. With a remarkable lifespan of standard 6+ years (up to 15+ years), they ensure a reliable power supply even in the harshest environments for uninterrupted energy management.

Whether you’re operating in remote locations or require a portable solution, our ATEX ExZone 1 certified batteries offer peace of mind 


Mains Powered (230 VAC - ATEX ExZone 1 certified)

For applications where a stable mains power supply is available, our VERIBOX systems can be easily connected to the existing electrical infrastructure. With ATEX ExZone 1 certification, these systems ensure compliance with safety regulations, making them suitable for hazardous environments.

Advantages of VERIBOX-MINI

Why Opt for VERIBOX-MINI ?


VERIBOX systems are designed to adapt to a wide range of industries and applications. Whether you're in oil and gas, water industry or any other field, our VERIBOX solutions can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.


We understand the importance of uninterrupted connectivity in various industrial processes. Our VERIBOX systems undergo rigorous testing and adhere to the highest quality standards to ensure reliability and durability. Whether you choose our battery-operated or mains-powered options, you can trust VERIBOX to deliver consistent and reliable performance.


Safety is our top priority, especially in hazardous environments. With ATEX ExZone 1 certification, our VERIBOX systems meet stringent safety regulations and provide an additional layer of protection. You can have peace of mind knowing that your energy management solution is designed to minimize risks and ensure the safety of your personnel and assets.


Energy efficiency is crucial for optimizing operations and reducing costs. Our VERIBOX systems are designed to maximize energy utilization, minimize wastage, and improve overall efficiency.


Experience the capabilities of the VERIBOX-MINI ATEX Datalogger

Enjoy the simplicity and reliability of VERIBOX’s automatic meter reading.

Trust in our expertise, reliability, and commitment to delivering innovative solutions that drive efficiency and enhance productivity.
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Embracing the Future of Smart Metering with NB IoT Technology V2 VERIBOX

Embracing the Future of Smart Metering with NB IoT Technology V2

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