Revolutionary Traffic light management system

Introducing a groundbreaking technology tailor-made for emergency vehicles like fire brigades, ambulances, and police cars – where every ticking second plays a pivotal role in saving lives.

The AM.COM system paves the way for unhindered driving at intersections and traffic-regulated zones, ensuring that first responders reach their destinations swiftly and safely. By leveraging this system, emergency vehicles can promptly navigate to the incident scene without traffic bottlenecks or potential accident risks.

Experience Automatic Traffic Light ‘Green’ Activation for Emergency Vehicles and Public Transport!

AM.COM system

Automatic 'Green' at Traffic Lights

Our traffic management system is adept at detecting an approaching authorized emergency vehicle. It promptly switches the traffic light to “green” in the vehicle’s direction. Post the vehicle’s passage, the regular traffic light sequence resumes. This guarantees rapid, secure, and fluid transit for emergency responders.

Given EU’s traffic regulations, direct transitions from or to a red light aren’t permitted. Instead, traffic light switch durations can only be expanded or minimized within specified limits. The AM.COM system efficiently manages these calculations, always synchronizing with the position and anticipated arrival of emergency vehicles at the traffic lights.

AM.COM system

For patients lost minutes can be fatal.

The AM.COM system ensures the adjustment of traffic light durations within the confines permitted by the EU, balancing compliance with ensuring a smooth passage for emergency vehicles.

Through cellular/mobile communication, it activates traffic light controls when an emergency vehicle nears a crossing. The position of the vehicle is relayed to the AM.COM web server every second. This server then anticipates all plausible routes the vehicle might adopt and interfaces with all potential traffic lights within the vicinity.

If a traffic light is projected to be on the vehicle’s path, the AM.COM server modulates the standard traffic light phases, making certain the vehicle encounters a “green” light. This obviates traffic congestion and vehicles obstructing the emergency vehicle’s way.

Real-time emergency commutes can be monitored and archived via the AM.COM web server. Owing to its modular structure and open-source protocol application, the system can be seamlessly and brand-neutrally retrofitted to traffic control systems. Moreover, the AM.COM onboard unit effortlessly integrates into emergency blue light bars.

The efficacy and acceleration benefits of AM.COM were demonstrated in a project executed in the traffic milieu of a federal hospital in Vöcklabruck, Upper Austria. The system’s merits comprise significant time savings during emergencies (20 – 40%), timely clearance of intersections, and heightened safety for emergency vehicles, drivers, and pedestrians.

The AM.COM framework includes an on-board unit in the emergency vehicle, a unit at the traffic light or its control center, and an astute web server to oversee traffic light routing and management.

To sum up, AM.COM epitomizes innovation in bolstering the safety and operational efficiency of emergency vehicles, often making the critical difference in life-threatening situations.

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