Smart Metering Solution via radio SubGhz Mesh-Network

Smart Metering Solution via radio SubGhz Mesh-Network

VERICOM is a bi-directional, battery operated smart metering system, which was developed specifically for reading household meters via SubGHz radio mesh-technology.

You can’t MANAGE,
What you can’t MEASURE!

Smart Metering Solution Via Battery-Operated, Self-Healing Mesh-Network Technolgoy

VERICOM radio mesh-network is an independent, proven and interoperable smart metering solution based on fully bi-directional, battery-operated SubGHz radio infrastructure, built to collect data from all meters and measurement devices from all medias (such as: electricity, gas, water, heat and cooling).

VERICOM radio nodes are “meter independent” and communicate with different meter brands and meter types

How Does It Work?

Functionality of Mesh-Network technology :

VERICOM mesh-network operates on bi-directional communication technology that receives and transmits data independently from one another and each node operates as independent router in the network.

The meter has the ability to redirect communication using routing process when meter node removes or adds to the meter.

A mesh-network has the capability to auto handle disruptions in communication routes and remain operational even addition, removal and reposition of nodes in process as it has the capacity to use various path between destination and source address.

The use of few components and dynamic routing make it easy to use, quick and more cost effective than other communication systems. The system is capable of overcoming drawbacks of traditional systems like PLC (power line communication), that increases range even in a harsh environment.

VERICOM radio nodes collect real time data from meters and transmit it automatically to a VERICOM data-concentrator. The VERICOM data-concentrator transfer sinformation to customers using cellular/mobile (3G-UMTS / 4G-LTE).

VERICOM radio nodes are license free SubGHz-ISM-bandwidth, which operate in ultra-low power energy management with single lithium battery. Range may vary between 1500 to 5000 meters depends on the location of the city or village, however the cability of VERICOM wireless radio node can extend the distance.

Our system is reliable, safe and uses standards to encrypt communication telegrams.

Mesh Network Diagram

Physical Interfaces

VERICOM mesh-network solution is meter independent, therefore each radio node is able to read-out any implemented meter brand or meter type.

VERICOM solution does offer lots of hardware interfaces to connect to external devices, such as:

  • pulses / S0 / reed-contact
  • absolute encoder SCR/SCR+
  • grey-code encoder
  • wired M-BUS Master
  • wired M-BUS Slave
  • M-BUS on TTL level
  • serial communication RS232 / RS485
  • analogue signal (0-3/10V;0-20mA)
  • temperaturesensor PT 1000
  • proprietary hardware & protocol

Meters In Operation

  • ELSTER: AS3000: RS485
  • KAMSTRUP 382: RS232
  • Meters with interfaces such as: (pulse, LED, RS232/485, M-BUS)
  • Landis&Gyr: Ultraheat 50, Ultraheat XS
  • KAMSTRUP/RKG: Multical 401, Multical 601
  • ENGELMANN SensoStar 2
  • ELSTER: Absolute Encoder SCR/SCR+
  • DRESSER: GreyCode Encoder
  • FLONIDAN: Uniflo, GXS, GreyCode
  • ITRON / ACTARIS: “e”-series
  • DIEHL/HYDROMETER: Swiss meter
  • Various meters with reed-contact (pulses)
  • SENSUS: Dynamic Hybrid, Residia
  • ENGELMANN WaterStar (hot-/coldwater)
  • Various meters with reed-contact (pulses)

Ways Of Communication

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  • SubGhz – free ISM radio bandwidth (normally 868 MHz)
  • Radio node is powered by Battery with a life-time up to 15 years (based on communication each 1 minute)
  • Automatic Mesh Network operation (full automatic time slot operation) by plug-in the battery.
  • VERICOM Data-Concentrator contains a radio transceiver and built in 3G-UMTS engine
  • mains powered by 230 VAC

Supported Power Supply

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  • Single-Battery
    (Lifetime up to 15+ years – based on radio communication each minute)

    for wired M-BUS operation, life-time depending on type of meter, but approx. 8 yeasr.
  • VERICOM Data-Concentrator must be connected to 230 VAC.

Success Story's

Less water waste and optimization of heat energy in public buildings with a combination of new ultrasonic heat/water meters. The VERICOM smart metering solution can save costumers money.

A constant monitoring of consumption and latest state of metering technology is an investment, which grants the possibility for optimization of water and heat networks.

Alongside with the possibility of immediate leakage-detection, such an investment on long-term leads to less water waste and lower costs.

“If the return temperature can be lowered by just one or two degree, the customers will have a saving of several euros a year” The new installed ultrasonic water and heat meters are more accurate than “old” mechanical meters and additionally real meter index can be read remotely. Directly from the headquarter the intervals of reading can be changed remotely from 5 minutes reading, up to hourly or daily readings of the specific meters. With smaller reading intervals the network can be monitored easily.

If there is a problem (leakage, pipe burst, etc) within the water or heat network the reading intervals will be set to 5 minutes reading intervals and due to that fact, the location of leakage can be found easily.

“With VERICOM – radio smart metering solution, not only 280 meters are read automatically and remotely, but we do have more time for more customer-oriented activities, because we do not have to read meters manually or by sending letters and by evaluating these letters or by lengthy searching of locations of possible pipe bursts” states the metering department, that delighted with the investment in new ultrasonic meters combined with VERICOM wireless metering solutions.

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