ATEX Datalogger for Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)

ATEX Datalogger for Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)

VERIBOX-MINI is an ATEX certified, battery powered datalogger with integrated mobile communication (4G/3G/2G) for reading meters, analog devices and volume correctors (EVCs) .

You can’t MANAGE,
what you can’t MEASURE!

VERIBOX Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)

VERIBOX-MINI is an ATEX ExZone1 (hazardous area) certified, battery-operated datalogger for the automatic meter reading of measuring devices from large / industrial customers, larger measuring points, or generally decentralized locations.

The measured data from the external measuring device (e.g.: meters, electronic volume correctors [EVC], temperature sensors, pressure sensors, etc.) are logged within predefined time intervals and transmit to the IT center at adjustable transmission times using mobile cellular technology (3G-UMTS, 4G-LTE).

In addition, VERIBOX – MINI offers an integrated alarm management system with an automatic immediate warning function (e.g. when a predefined limit is exceeded).

VERIBOX-MINI is designed for ultra-low power applications with a battery-lifetime up to 12 years based on hourly storage and daily mobile / cellular data-transmission.

VERIBOX-MINI is mainly used in the areas of consumption monitoring, demand analysis, network monitoring, leak detection, etc.

VERIBOX Product Scheme

Physical Interfaces

  • 4 digital inputs / channels (e.g. pulse/reed/S0, switch)
  • 3 analog inputs / channels (0-10V/0-20mA, e.g.: temperature-/pressure-sensors, etc)
  • 2 digital outputs (open collector, max 100mA) 
  • serial interface RS232/RS485/TTL  (e.g. electronic volume correctors / EVCs / PTZs)


  • optional: absolute encoder, namur or grey code encoder
  • optional: multiplexer board for reading of 4 units via serial communication (e.g. 2 EVCs & 2 absolute encoders)

Ways Of Communication

  • FTP / FTPS Transfer (File Transfer Protocol)
  • HTTP / HTTPS – Transfer (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)
  • MQTT – Transfer (MQ Telemetry Transport)
  • Email – Transfer (SMTP)

Supported Volume Correctors

INSTROMET 999/900/444
ELSTER EK88, EK90, EK260 , EK280



Mercury EVC

FlowSick 500


Tritschler EVC


UNIGAS 300 / E61 /D61




Reynolds EVC

American Meter EVC

Barton EVC

Proser EVC

Supported Power Supply

  • Single-Battery
    (Lifetime up to 3,5 years – based on daily communication)
  • Double-Pack-Battery
    (Lifetime up to 6 years – based on daily communication)
  • 8-Pack Battery
    (Lifetime up to 15+ years – based on daily communication)
  • 230 VAC net-adapter certified for installation direct in ATEX ExZone 1.


Images Of Some Installations

Success Story's

Absolutely happy with VERIBOX – Automatic Meter Reading solution at gas stations.

One of the biggest Austrian energy service company, Energie AG, safeguards the reliable, uninterrupted supply of energy and all of the associated services to the region of Upper-Austria.

Especially in the field of Automatic Meter Reading of big gas consumers and gas stations, Energie AG believes on field-approved VERIBOX-MINI units for automatic remote reading and automatic data transmission to E-Control (Austrian Regulator) for further analysis.

“Implementing VERAUTs AMR-solution was the best we could have done in the past, although we tested a lot of systems, which were not working, we gave it another try with VERAUTs VERIBOX-MINI solution, which is working properly ever since installation without any problems so far. I would say VERIBOX-MINI is maintenance-free, we only have to pass-by each 5 years for battery replacement.” , explains the responsible team at Energie AG/Netz OÖ GmbH.

“An additional benefit is, that the unit is ATEX ExZone1 certified and battery-operated, we can install the unit where it suits us best – directly in Explosion Zone 1 (hazardous area directly in gas station) without need of Zenner barriers or similar.

Now we have more time to focus on our core business and do not have to go to the gas station and have a look why we did not receive any data, like we did in the past”, explains one of the responsible persons at Energie AG.

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