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ATEX Datenlogger

Absolutely happy with VERIBOX - Automatic Meter Reading solution at gas stations.

One of the biggest Austrian energy service company, Energie AG, safeguards the reliable, uninterrupted supply of energy and all of the associated services to region of Upper-Austria.

Especially in the field of Automatic Meter Reading of big gas consumers and gas stations, Energie AG believes on field-approved VERIBOX-MINI units for automatic remote reading and automatic data transmission to E-Control (Austrian Regulator) for further analysis.

Implementing VERAUTs AMR-solution was best we could have done in the past, although we tested lots of system, which were not working, we gave it another try with VERAUTs VERIBOX-MINI solution, which is working properly since installation without any problems so far. I would say VERIBOX-MINI it is maintenance-free, we only have to pass-by each 5 years for battery replacement. , explains the responsible team at Energie AG/Netz O GmbH.

An additional benefit is, that the unit is ATEX ExZone1 certified and battery-operated, we can install the unit where it suits us best – directly in Explosion Zone 1 (hazardous area directly in gas station) without need of any Zenner barriers or similar.

Now we have more time to concentrate on our core business and do not have to go to gas station and have a look why we did not receive any data, like we did in the past. explains responsible person at Energie AG.

ATEX Datenlogger

VERIBOX-MINI - The "Careless- Automatic meter Reading (AMR)- Package

Austria’s largest energy service company, Wiener Netze, safeguards the reliable, uninterrupted supply of energy and all of the associated services to the city of Vienna. Their goal is to develop new processes to improve their day-to-day efficiency while supporting their strategic vision.

Implementing VERAUTs AMR-solution helps us to focus on our
core competencies, customer satisfaction, as we can help our
customers to reduce their energy usage and save money”, explains the responsible team at Wiener Netze.

“That’s why we have opt in for the complete VERAUTs AMR-solution VERIBOX to upgrade our meter reading system getting a wireless communication infrastructure and software for meter data management.

In general, the full automatic and electronic data capture means significant savings on administrative costs. The metering data in electronic format will be fed directly into our systems.

With the ATEX certified, battery powered VERIBOX AMR-solution we are not bound to non-hazardous area, instead we can actually install the VERIBOX where it suits us best, for example directly in an ATEX Ex-Zone1 area.

But not only can meters be read remotely, we also register and store a variety of operational details from electronic volume correctors and/or sensors such as temperature and pressure, which combine to provide better monitoring of individual installations. 

smart Metering

VERICOM - Proven Wireless Smart Grid Solution - rolled out to 15,000 households

SOXIS, a system integrator for telemetry systems, operating mainly in Latin America, faced the challenge to implement a smart metering system for all energy medias (electricity, gas, water) for the major energy-provider in Latin America.

“We were looking for a reliable Partner with a “plug and play” solution based on a proven technology”, so Matias Spitzer, Managing Director.

“A particular problem of the area is the fact that we need to cover inaccessible sites and specific challenges in relation of energy theft and a high rate of water leakages.

With VERAUTs radio mesh-network solution “VERICOM”, we are able to read, manage and store 100% of all our meters hourly.”

Mr. Spitzer explains further, “Due to a real time transmission via wireless mobile 3G communication, the energy provider benefits from “real-time” data, more accurate billing, fraud detection, an exact alert management and a strong network maintenance.

This major step toward to a quality approved and leading wireless smart grid process improved not only the communication to the end-customer, as well it improved the energy efficiency for the benefit of the environment and the economy.”

smart Metering

Detection of water-loss via VERICOM smart metering mesh network solution

The main question for us, when deciding to invest in new water solution for our city was “Where does water loss – we recognized during the last years - come from ? ” We recognized that we still had a few old and uncalibrated water sub-meters in field and some of our existing water grid was not metered at all.

“There for us it was clear that we needed new meters at latest state of technology and a remote meter reading solution, which informs in real-time about inconsistencies in our water network.

Additionally we were able to fetch data of our big water grid meters and residential meters remotely.” explained the responsible person for water network.

With VERAUTs Radio Mesh-Network solution “VERICOM”, we are able to read, manage and store 100% of all our meters hourly.”

The customer invested in 213 new ultrasonic water meters, due to fact of high accurancy and maintenance free installation of ultrasonic water meters, additionally the meters offer wired M-BUS interface for digital remote read-out solution. Additionally each meter was equipped with VERICOM – Mesh-network radio nodes, which read the meter hourly and transmit meter data via radio to cloud service in real-time for analysis, billing and alert information purposes.

“Due to remote read-out, water leackages are detected within short time and efficiency has gone up, we also reduced meter reading out time from 42+ hours to just 1 click ” said the responsible water grid operator.

smart Metering

There has never been a time when investing in a Smart Metering technology has been as important as it is today.

Smart Metering solutions help water network operator companies keep track of their customers meters without manual reading, and with the help of VERICOM - radio Mesh-Network - Smart Metering solution.

Siegener Versorgungsbetriebe GmbH is a private limited company that – amongst other things – also specializes in water network operation in the city of Volnsberg / Germany.

 The project included a Smart Metering system that is based on innovative, battery powered VERICOM radio mesh-network solution and the whole mesh-network (all connected meters and measuring devices) transmit their data automatically to mobile/cellular VERICOM data-concentrator with a fixed position in center of the city.

“Using VERICOM radio Smart Metering solution saved Siegener Versorgungsbetriebe GmbH a lot of stress and cost, it also gave our customers an accurate billing of their real hourly water consumption.” Mr Haardt informs “with this system, Siegener Versorgungsbetriebe GmbH was able to maximize its work force by channeling them to a more challenging task, leaving the water meter reading “business” to VERICOM radio based Smart Metering solution”.

“VERICOM – radio mesh-network – Smart Metering solution is a type of networking wherein each node in the network may act as an independent router. VERICOM radio solution comes with a unique innovation that does not require a fixed-line network system to read and collect data; this framework wipes out the need to physically access or visually read water meters manually, enabling water operators to collect data from meters situated in spots that are not accessible or hilly. It automatically allows for ceaseless connections and reconfiguration around broken or blocked ways by “hopping” from node to node until it gets to its destination. Each radio node (battery operated VERICOM radio node) is able to give each other VERICOM radio node a “piggyback-ride”.

Using VERICOM Mesh- Network achieved a self-healing network that can still operate when one node breaks down or a connection goes bad. As a result, our solution is very stable and efficient, as there is often more than one path between a source and a destination in the network.” explains Mr Sonnleitner, General Manager of VERAUT GmbH.

“In just over 5 months of use, VERICOM – radio Mesh-Network – Smart Metering solution has offered 99.47 % accuracy in hourly reading and supplying data” says water network supervisor of SVB-Siegen.

Data Communication

Reducing meter reading time by 99% , there is more time for network improvement operation.

In the past our meter reading team of 4 people was reading all meters in our city manually by use of handheld and it took them 4-5 days and severall additional days for re-reads, although informing the customer about re-reads and making an appointment.

After decision was made for VERICOM – mesh-network smart metering solution we receive our meter data from different media (electricity, water, heat and gas) every minute automatically without any read-out errors. Now we do have more time for improvement work” said Metering Department Manager.

In the beginning 2 different systems were tested in different parts of the city with 30 units each. After test-phase it was clear to go with VERAUT’s smart metering solution, due to meter-independence due to lots of different interfaces to existing meters and 99,89% of meter data 5 minutes after full hour.

“Installation was very easy, only connecting to existing meter, plug-in battery of VERICOM radio node and waiting for the built-in LED indicating proper reading of external meter and proper radio communication – installation work per meter was less then 5 minutes” .

“In total, looking at long-life operation, it costs less than other metering systems, but is future-proof due to latest state of technology and possibility of remote firmware upgrade” says Mr Oberhuemer responsible for decision for VERICOM mesh-network solution.

Ultrasonic Water Meter

Less water wasted and optimization of heat energy

In public buildings with a combination of new ultrasonic heat/water meters and VERICOM Smart metering solution can save costumers money.
Constant monitoring of consumption and latest state of metering technology is an investment, which grants the possibility for optimization of water and heat networks.

Alongside with the possibility of immediate leakage-detection, such an investment on long-term leads to less water wasted and lower costs.

“If the return temperature can be lowered by just one or two degree, the customers will have a saving of several euros a year”
The new installed ultrasonic water and heat meters are more accurate than “old” mechanical meters and additionally real meter index can be read remotely. Directly from headquarter the intervals of reading can be changed remotely from 5 minute reading, up to hourly or daily readings of the specific meters. With smaller reading intervals the network can be monitored easily.

If there is a problem (leakage, pipe burst, etc) within the water or heat network the reading intervals will be set to 5 minutes reading intervals and due to that fact, the location of leakage can be found easily.

“With VERICOM – radio smart metering solution, not only 280 meters are read automatically remotely, but we do have more time for more customer-oriented activities, because we do not have to read meters manually or by sending letters and by evaluating these letters or by lengthy searching of locations of possible pipe bursts” the metering department is delighted with the investment in new ultrasonic meters combined with VERICOM wireless metering solution.

Data Communication

Measurement means Knowledge – Smart metering for public buildings offers the key advantage for energy management.

Non-domestic energy customers and sites differ in size, turnover, sector and intensity of energy use. Furthermore they need to handle with given energy management guidelines and regulations.

With VERICOM radio “Wireless Smart Grid Solution” you are able not only to
read remotely your different devices, you gain the full picture of your
energy consumption, like peak hours and static periods.

“The “smarter” way to save energy and money helps our public customers to save up to 20% of their expenses per year”, explains Günther Betz, Managing Director, ViWa GmbH. “Only a detailed data measurement gives you the opportunity to act purposefully.”

Mr Betz adds, “ViWa GmbH is a system integrator for telemetry in Germany with specialization on public sector customers. In cooperation with VERAUT GmbH we offer for 150 ViWa GmbH customers an integrated subGHz radio mesh-network solution to collect all data in a given timeframe and transmit them via mobile 3G-communication to a cloud service. After validation and interfacing to a web portal, each facility can be displayed for further analysis and reporting.

With the VERISMART Energy Report, all data is summarized once per year and the report shows an overview, if the set goals have been reached.

The detailed picture of consumption allows to reduce costs significantly and as a bonus the customers can become aware of how they can save energy and water.”

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