smart metering for households

Data-logger with integrated Narrow-Band IoT Technology

NB-IoT BOX is an ATEX ExZone1 (explosion zone) certified, battery-operated data logger for the automatic remote meter reading / reading of measuring devices in the household sector.

You can’t MANAGE,
what you can’t MEASURE!

NB-IoT Smart Metering For Households


Conventional intelligent measurement of gas and water
meters, such as GSM mobile, radio, LAN and W-LAN
communication, often reaches its limits. Practice shows
that more and more often areas without powersupply
or without conventional network coverage have to
be integrated.

This is where VERAUT relies on the NB-IoT-Box with its
NarrowBand IoT technology.

We use the proven 3GPP industry standard, a reliable
third- generation technology that is internationally
recognised and standardised.

The design allows full optimisation for all current mobile
networks, within licensed frequency ranges.

Why Narrowband IoT

  • Deeper building penetration
  • Comprehensive network coverage over long distances
  • Optimised energy consumption, up to 15 years
    battery-lifetime based on hourly transmissions
  • No installation and maintenance of local networks
    required, minimal effort for networking
  • Data transmission even with strong obstacles
  • Can also be used underground
  • Optimised for existing mobile networks in licensed
    frequency ranges
  • Independence from external power sources
  • Cross-manufacturer compatibility and international
  • 3GPP industry standard: 3rd generation / international,
    standardised and reliable technology
  • Up to 100x as many terminals per cell (compared to


NB-IoT Product Scheme


  • 2 digital Inputs (Pulse/Switch) e.g. meter with pulse output or door contact
  • 2 analog Inputs (0/3-10V, 0-3V, 0-20mA) e.g. for pressure transmitter, temperature sensor PT1000
  • Absolute Encoder SCR/SCR+/Namur
  • Temperature Input PT 1000
  • Digital Output
  • Serial Communication RS232/RS485/TTL 3V


  • Narrowband IoT
  • NB-Iot-Communication (NB-2)

Energy Supply

  • Li-Batterie (battery life approx. 15 years based on hourly data transmission)

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