You can’t MANAGE,
What you can’t MEASURE!

ATEX Datenlogger

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If something doesn’t work, it is important to know about it quickly!


Nothing is more important than geting all the data you need reliably


Regardless of whether it ist water, electricity or gas with us you are exactly right


New communication options are developed in-house

You can’t MANAGE,
What you can’t MEASURE!

Welcome To VERAUT GmbH

Fast, Innovative, Efficient, Dynamic and Smart, that is what VERAUT GmbH is all about.

Since 1989 VERAUT – Verfahrens- und Automationstechnik Ges.m.b.H. is specialized in the development of products and services in the area of wireless data communication via mobile communication NB-IoT (5G) / LTE (4G) and / or sub GHz-radio-technology.

Our Top Products

VERIBOX-MINI is an ATEX ExZone1 certified datalogger with integrated 4G-LTE communication used for Automatic Meter Reading (AMR).

ATEX Datenlogger

NB-IoT-Box is a highly developed data acquisition device that is ideal for intelligent measurement applications in every conceivable situation.

Battery operated SubGhz Radio nodes, which operate automatically in a Mesh-Network topology. Each radio node is automatically repeater for each other.

Some Of The Copmanies That Experienced Our Prdoucts

What People Say About Us

VERIBOX-MINI ATEX data-logger is in operation in our company since 1996 and working properly since then. We are happy with the products and its performance with hardly any failures or repairs.
Mr Schwaab
Head of Gas Div.
VERIBOX-MINI is a working automatic meter reading solution. Once installed, the devices run without interference since the time of installation. We only replace the batteries after 6 years of operation.VERIBOX-MINI is the best remote meter reading solution that we have installed so far. Since the installation many years ago, the battery-powered devices have been running trouble-free in daily field use.
Mr Spitzer
VERICOM is an intelligent smart metering solution that is manufacturer-independent and runs absolutely stable in the field. Due to the meshed networking, a reading of 100% of the meters or measuring devices can be realised. Each radio node increases the range of the entire radio network..
Mr Betz



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