Meter Data Management and Visualisation

Meter Data Management & Software Solution used for Energy Efficiency Monitoring & Energy Consumption Visualisation

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VERILOG - Meter Data Management Software:

Energy Efficiency Monitoring / Energy Consumption Visualization 

VERAUT offers powerful web-based and/or local meter data management software solutions to energy utilities and energy managers to manage and control their networks / objects.

VERILOG provides reports and analyses to energy utilities.The system offers real-time reports of alert management. VERILOG can be used by VERIBOX-MINI, as well as by VERICOM solution.


  • AM.COM-on board unit (installed in emergency / public traffic vehicle)
  • AM.COM traffic light unit (installed in traffic light or traffic light management center)
  • AM.COM intelligent web server managing the traffic light routing/management


VERILOG is available as web-based system, therefore available from any computer with internet access. The system offers web portal access to consumers, enabling them to access their metering status anywhere, anytime.

Information provided:

  • Real Meter Index
  • Accumulated Meter Reading Data
  • Alert Status

If you would like to take a look at the example web-based version, please see the following link:

Weblink: , user, pwd: test

VERILOG Screenshots: