Datalogger with integrated NarrowBand-IoT Communication

NB-IoT-Box is a sophisticated data logging device that is ideally suited to smart metering applications in just about any situation you can imagine. 

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NB IoT BOX Sheme

NB-IoT-Box is ATEX certified, battery-powered datalogger
with intgrated NB-IoT (NB2) communication. 

NB-IoT-Box is a sophisticated data logging device that is ideally suited to smart metering applications in just about any situation you can imagine. For example, the ATEX datalogger can be utilised for domestic and industrial smart metering for gas and water consumption, providing a reliable reading of the usage of such utilities for many years. Anyone specialising in automatic meter reading or who needs to maintain accurate consumption levels to bill their customers accordingly should take note of the NB-IoT-Box’s long-lasting design which affords great value for money over the course of its working life. Read on to find out more about this highly functional ATEX-certified NB IoT datalogger.

Narrowband IOT

A Battery-Powered Device For Installation Anywhere

Because this smart metering device is run on batteries, it can be installed in any location you care to fit it. The system benefits from an ultra-low power consumption level, so it requires no mains connection. Indeed, with a battery powering it, you can expect the device to produce up to 15 years of accurate data for you without any maintenance whatsoever. Bear in mind that this figure is based on an hour-by-hour data transmission rate, so you are not compromising on the frequency of readings you can obtain despite the long life cycle of the product.

What’s more, the NB IoT (NB2) data protocols used are much more penetrative than other such wireless smart metering products which rely on GSM. Therefore, the device will work in virtually any location, even behind the thick concrete walls you might find in plant rooms and domestic meter cupboards. As such, this is a highly versatile system for today’s professional smart metering requirements.

How Does the VERIBOX-NB IoT Work?

When it comes to smart metering for gas and water – as well as heating meters, for that matter – GSM mobile, LAN and W-LAN communications are all possibilities but they are not practical in every location. Instead, the NB-IoT-Box makes use of NarrowBand IoT to communicate effectively even in places where there is no power connection or conventional network coverage.

This means making use of the tried and tested 3GPP industry standard, a reliable third-generation technology that is recognised and standardised internationally. The design allows for complete optimisation for current mobile networks within licensed frequency ranges and as many as one hundred end devices per cell can be used. This NB IoT technology even allows for cross-vendor compatibility even when international coverage is being considered. Consequently, the system is virtually unlimited in its smart metering applications.

What Possibilities Does the Datalogger Offer?

Designed for use as a smart metering system that both metering specialists and utility providers can take advantage of, the ATEX datalogger is, in fact, highly adaptable. For example, it offers a pair of digital inputs as well as two analogue inputs so it can log data from multiple sources with little additional configuration. What’s more, the datalogger can communicate in more than one way. It offers MQ Telemetry Transport transfers (MQTT) as well as Lightweight M2M Protocol transfers (LWM2M). Furthermore, the system’s 5G and 4G LTE compatibility allow for deep penetration of larger structures, larger communication ranges and superior reliability than GSM. It will even work well in underground environments.

The NarrowBand IoT advantages


IoT applications are incredibly diverse – this poses major challenges for the underlying network. While LTE or, in future, 5G mobile communication enables critical M2M communication, for example in the remote control of machines, and LAN or WLAN are perfect for networks over a short distance, there are also other cases. For sensors in remote areas and without a power connection, a technology is required that guarantees extensive network coverage over long distances and can be operated by battery -> the solution is NarrowBand IoT.

Key Features At a GlancE

VERIBOX NB-IoT Product Scheme:


Physical Interfaces:

VERIBOX interface
  • 2 digital inputs / channels (e.g. pulse/reed, switch)
  • 2 analog inputs / channels
    (0-10V/0-20mA, e.g.: temperature-/pressure-sensors, etc)
  • absolute encoder SCR/SCR+ / Namur

Ways of Communication


Supported Power Supply

  • Single-Battery
    (Lifetime up to 15 years – based on hourly data  communication)


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