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Silo-Level-Measurement and Communication

Energy-efficient system for the determination of the silo-content / silo-level in moveable/fixed silos
and wireless communication to IT-center for further telematics applications.

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Mobile Silo

MobileSilo is a fully energy-efficient system, which ensures the precise measurement of the silo content / silo-level as well as the transfer of the measurement results by means of long-life batteries.

MobileSilo is operable in the field for more than 2 years without batteries to be replaced.

Regardless of the position of the silos, a secure data transfer takes place to the logistics center or the existing ERP system and offers automatic post order algorithms.

Via cloud-service MobileSilo informs on next expected refill time as well as status of work at building site.

The goal is also to enable an optimized refill logistics via MobileSilo system, which results in greatly reduced refill costs (logistic costs) for the customer as well as a green fingerprint through a CO2 reduction.

Mobile Silo system consists of:

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VERILOG Cloud / Webaccess

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